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The Alliance

Membership in the Loveland Downtown Partnership Business Alliance is open to any and all businesses interested in the Downtown. It affords businesses the opportunity to support the organization, affirm key values and convey an important sense of community. Ongoing goals include collaborative marketing, promotions, events, business advocacy, education & training, business communications, ambassador programs and downtown beautification.

Want to Join the Business Alliance?

To learn about current member benefits and join the Business Alliance, call Abby Powell 970.541.4335 or select her name from the drop-down menu here to send her an email.

The Brochure for Membership Levels and Sponsorship Opportunities can be found here

To Join- please fill out the Membership and Sponsorship Form  and return it to the Downtown District offices to email it to Abby apowell@lovelandpartnership.org 

Sponsorship Benefit Descriptions

Alliance Membership is available at four different levels,  Artist & Non-Profit,  Foundation Level, Ground Level,  and High Rise Level. See a map here of the most commonly used Business District boundaries. 


  • Collaborative Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Business Advocacy
  • Education & Training
  • Business Communications
  • Ambassador Programs
  • Downtown Beautification



The next Business Alliance Lunch will be at Art Works Loveland on November 28th,  12:00 pm-1:30 pm.

RSVP for the Business Alliance Business Meeting Wednesday January 30th 2019

Use the form below to register for the Business Alliance Business Meeting. Click the "Next" and "Prev" buttons to navigate forward and back through the form. NOTE: Do not use your browser's back button when entering this form. Only use the "Next" and "Back" buttons below to navigate the form.

District Member

The Business Alliance Business Meeting is free for Alliance Members and their guests. You will need to select your company/organization from the list below - your company information is already saved.

Meeting for Non District Members is $10.00. Leave the selection at "--Not a District Member--".

Meeting Attendees

Please enter the total number of people from your business that will be attending. When you have finished, click "Next"

Sponsorship opportunities are available!

Use the wizard form below to purchase Downtown District Sponsorships. Use the "Next" and "Prev" buttons to navigate forward and back through the form. NOTE: Do not use your browser's back button when entering this form. Only use the "Next" and "Back" buttons below to navigate the form.

District Member

If you are already a member of the Loveland Downtown District, select your company/organization from the list below - Your company information is already saved and you will get a discount on the purchase. If you are not a Downtown District Member you should consider the benefits of joining. Otherwise just leave the selection at "--Not a District Member--" and go to the "Sponsorship Opportunites" below..

Sponsorship Opportunities

Make a selection from the available sponsorships below. The Flower Pots or Hanging Baskets are available all season. The Pedicabs and Sidewalk Art sponsorships are for a specific date. When you have made your selection click "Next"


Business Alliance Member offers:

Small Business Classes Offer

The Loveland Downtown Partnership (LDP) and Downtown Loveland Association have merged their efforts to form the LDP Business Alliance, a business advocacy and advisory group within the Loveland Downtown Partnership.

The new LDP Business Alliance focuses on collaborative marketing and downtown business advocacy. The integration brings together long-term associations with many downtown businesses and legacy knowledge of Loveland's downtown to help create a more seamless experience for existing businesses as well as new businesses seeking to locate and do business in the Downtown District.

This collaboration eliminates duplication of efforts, enables better service to the diverse business constituencies within Loveland's downtown, and joins organizations with very similar visions and missions to enhance the success of businesses and residents in the Downtown District with one-stop convenience.

See the July 2016 Letter announcing this merging of efforts here.DLA (Downtown Loveland Association) merges with LDP (Loveland Downtown Partnership), July 2016 


Dine Out With Heart

October 1-4, 2018

Dine Out With Heart is a community fundraiser sponsored by Loveland Philo.


It's goal is to eliminate hunger in our community, with special focus on the most vulnerable, local children and families.

 Each year during the first two weeks in October, Philo partners with over 25 local restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and wineries to allow patrons to Dine Out With Heart by enjoying quality dining and making a small contribution to the fundraiser.

Proceeds from the fundraiser go towards funding local non-profits that address hunger in the Loveland/Berthoud area.


Past recipients include: Loveland Community Kitchen, Thompson Education Foundation, Kids Hope, Alternatives to Violence, Veteran's Club and food pantries at local schools and Sunrise Clinic.




“People of Loveland”

Meet Jenny

“Who gets to hang out with awesome election judges, document lovely Lovelanders driving through to drop their ballots off and exercise their voting rights, seeing many new faces and some of my favorite people as well? I do!

I'm the lucky one that gets to document all of the amazing things that people do in this community everyday for the Loveland Reporter-Herald through my lens. I can tell you from experience that Loveland is truly filled with love.

Am I a celebrity? 

You're right about the rest though.

It's truly a gift to be able to embed myself into people's lives. In their best moments or their worst, I'm there. Sometimes they love me for it and sometimes they're not very happy to see me. If they knew me, they would realize I'm shooting with my heart and I feel their joy and their pain. My mission is to make my own little positive difference in people's lives. Whether that's filling readers hearts with joy when they see a joyful photo or causing someone to want to make a difference because they see others doing the same, or evoking empathy and love from a photo of a tragedy- I hope to make a difference, even if just for a moment.

For more of Jenny's Story- follow us on facebook


Have you noticed the sculptures in Downtown Loveland seem to change each year? They are part of a TAAP Program through the City of Loveland! 

T.A.A.P.  sculptures are on the move as we make way for three new sculptures in downtown:

1) "Big Vision, Small Steps"
by Charlotte Zink

2) "Convergence"
by Steve Shachtman

3) "Love/Fear"
by Joe Norman

They will be installed next Friday! "Broken Violin" by Jack Kreutzer; "Ovilepod" by Ted Schaal and "Hard Rock" by Pati Stajcar will remain on display for another year.

Thank you to all of our T.A.A.P.  artists -- past and future!

The final broadband plan will be presented to council Oct. 23 and the city is hosting a Town Hall meeting at 6 p.m. Oct. 4 as one final opportunity for people to ask questions about the project. 

 We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate in-person, via phone or view it on Facebook Live. NOTE: Those wishing to participate by telephone can sign up to receive a call on the cityofloveland.org/Broadband website. 





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