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District Beautification

spring 2018 - Planter beds along 4th street  

       As part of the City's Capital Improvement Budget and plans for 2018, the planter beds along 4th street are getting a bit of a makeover!  These particular beds (28, as outlined in this  document) have had a rough time of it over the past few years, as the watering system (originally installed over a decade ago) has become mostly inoperable.

The DDA and the City are actively working towards a total renewal/redesign of these beds through the future HIP Streets program (the full re-vamp of the infrastructure, streets, sidewalks, etc), these systems will not be replaced before that program begins. Still, maintaining these beds to the standards of your and the other businesses they front is of great concern. 

Below is the plan for 2018:
     *   Last year the City earmarked $15,000 specifically for plantings in the Downtown.
     *   Parks and recreation will be using a portion of these funds to provide plants for the beds with functioning watering systems (primarily those along Lincoln)
     *   The DDA has selected a contractor with the remainder. Garden Graffiti will be doing the clear out on the 4th street beds, and prove ornamental grasses in a number of those beds, as the funding allows. Those plantings should be in the ground before the end of June.
  *   The clear out of the beds will involve removing all plant material that currently lies there, weeding and litter removal, and remulching.
  *   In beds that don't have a sculpture or tree, we'll be planting grasses that both provide a pleasing and constant feel along the street, and help to highlight the storefronts you all work so hard to present.
     *   Our Contract with Garden Graffiti also provides weeding and litter pick for all 28 beds, and watering for the 8 that will contain plantings for the duration of the season (through October)

A few planter beds will also be getting a large planter pot added (they are ordered- to arrive in July). Those pots will be re-used long term when the streets plans are completed, and consistent with those being added to The Foundry. 

While we all look forward to the improvements coming with HIP Streets, we are confident that this year will be a great improvement over the relative neglect the beds have suffered through more recently.




AFTER PHOTOS:   A few of the beds after they have been re-leveled, mulched and planted with grasses-  Planter Pots coming Soon!





Dine Out With Heart

October 1-4, 2018

Dine Out With Heart is a community fundraiser sponsored by Loveland Philo.


It's goal is to eliminate hunger in our community, with special focus on the most vulnerable, local children and families.

 Each year during the first two weeks in October, Philo partners with over 25 local restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and wineries to allow patrons to Dine Out With Heart by enjoying quality dining and making a small contribution to the fundraiser.

Proceeds from the fundraiser go towards funding local non-profits that address hunger in the Loveland/Berthoud area.


Past recipients include: Loveland Community Kitchen, Thompson Education Foundation, Kids Hope, Alternatives to Violence, Veteran's Club and food pantries at local schools and Sunrise Clinic.




“People of Loveland”

Meet Jenny

“Who gets to hang out with awesome election judges, document lovely Lovelanders driving through to drop their ballots off and exercise their voting rights, seeing many new faces and some of my favorite people as well? I do!

I'm the lucky one that gets to document all of the amazing things that people do in this community everyday for the Loveland Reporter-Herald through my lens. I can tell you from experience that Loveland is truly filled with love.

Am I a celebrity? 

You're right about the rest though.

It's truly a gift to be able to embed myself into people's lives. In their best moments or their worst, I'm there. Sometimes they love me for it and sometimes they're not very happy to see me. If they knew me, they would realize I'm shooting with my heart and I feel their joy and their pain. My mission is to make my own little positive difference in people's lives. Whether that's filling readers hearts with joy when they see a joyful photo or causing someone to want to make a difference because they see others doing the same, or evoking empathy and love from a photo of a tragedy- I hope to make a difference, even if just for a moment.

For more of Jenny's Story- follow us on facebook


Have you noticed the sculptures in Downtown Loveland seem to change each year? They are part of a TAAP Program through the City of Loveland! 

T.A.A.P.  sculptures are on the move as we make way for three new sculptures in downtown:

1) "Big Vision, Small Steps"
by Charlotte Zink

2) "Convergence"
by Steve Shachtman

3) "Love/Fear"
by Joe Norman

They will be installed next Friday! "Broken Violin" by Jack Kreutzer; "Ovilepod" by Ted Schaal and "Hard Rock" by Pati Stajcar will remain on display for another year.

Thank you to all of our T.A.A.P.  artists -- past and future!

The final broadband plan will be presented to council Oct. 23 and the city is hosting a Town Hall meeting at 6 p.m. Oct. 4 as one final opportunity for people to ask questions about the project. 

 We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate in-person, via phone or view it on Facebook Live. NOTE: Those wishing to participate by telephone can sign up to receive a call on the cityofloveland.org/Broadband website. 





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