Night on the Town Remains Community Tradition

May 9th, 2017 by Downtown District

Night on the Town LogoFor more than 12 years, Night on the Town has been a monthly community tradition, celebrating downtown Loveland’s rich art scene and its historic district.

Loveland’s first Night on the Town was held in May of 2005, a result of the thought and planning of Loveland artist Billie Colson. It was intended to bring people downtown and showcase all there is to see and do in the area while offering artists a chance to show off their work and perform live demonstrations. Since then the tradition has expanded to include even more family-friendly entertainment and dining, unique shopping, art exhibits and gallery receptions, and local micro-breweries.

Billie partnered with another artist, Carl Kuntz, whose painting “A Night on the Town” became the logo for the event. May 12th marks the unveiling of a brand-new logo by John Metcalf of Perfect Square.

“We’re starting to see a lot of energy among our downtown businesses, including a commitment to Friday Night on the Town with its fresh new look, expanded business hours, and entertainment.” – Jacque Wedding-Scott, Executive Director of the Loveland Downtown District.

With retailers, restaurants and artists all participating, community tradition in a vibrant downtown setting remains strong today. Join us this Friday, May 12th, along with every second Friday, from 5 - 9 pm to experience downtown Loveland and enjoy a Night on the Town!

Don’t miss in May:

  • The Governor’s Art Show is offering free admission from 6 - 9 pm during Night on the Town at the Loveland Museum. See the juried collection of outstanding works exclusively by Colorado artists.
  • Mother’s Day is May 14th, so all of you last minute shoppers can find the perfect gift for Mom while supporting local businesses.
  • Bloom’n Hearts of Downtown, sponsored by friends and businesses in the Downtown District, will showcase its beautiful planters and hanging baskets of fresh blooming May flowers.
  • Explore the downtown streets, enjoy pedestrian chalk works, and find other art throughout the historic district.
  • Jump into one of two TadPole Pedicabs, sponsored by Studio Vino, which will be transporting attendees from two locations – the Foote Lagoon parking lot and Lola’s Fresh Patina parking lot. They make it easy to get to the heart of the action!

Share your photos from Night on the Town using #LoveNightontheTown and tag the Loveland Downtown Partnership on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

OPEN HOUSE - Loveland Development Services Department

March 9th, 2017 by Jacque Wedding-Scott

Loveland Development Services Department 
New Standards for Unified Development Code

Loveland Development Services Department, Loveland Colorado
March 13, 2017
Where: City Council Chambers,
500 E. 3rd Street, 5:30 pm

Come to the Open House to hear more about new
development standards proposed for the
Loveland community

Why should I attend?

  •  The new standards will change development opportunities and patterns along Loveland’s highway corridors.
    • Allow buildings to be located at the front property line
    • Allow a maximum building height of 90 feet
    • Apply “sloping building height plane” to ensure compatibility with adjacent residential neighborhoods
    • Require enhance landscaping and pedestrian improvements along the highway frontage
  • A “Housing Palette” will allow a greater mix of housing types in new mixed-use zoning districts and existing neighborhoods.
    • Establish standards for new housing types, including single-family urban alley loaded, lot-line homes, over-under duplexes, infill multi-family, Downtown multi-family, cluster homes, manufacture homes and tiny homes
    • Establish new limitations on building coverage and building height to ensure that the scale and mass of infill development reflects that found in existing neighborhoods

The Loveland Planning Commission will consider these new development standards at a Study Session immediately following the Open House. The Study Session will be in the City Council Chambers starting at 6:30 pm.

You are encouraged to stay and attend
the Planning Commission Study Session


February 14th, 2017 by Jacque Wedding-Scott


Conceptual Illustration - The Foundry - Loveland Colorado







The meeting listed in this 2/14/17 post has subsequently been CANCELLED.
Post updated 2/20/17

The City’s Development Services office will be posting signs on The Foundry site beginning this Friday (2/17/17) to notice the Planning Commission meeting on February 27th at 6:30 in the Council Chambers.

The Planning Commission’s review is a technical review to determine if the site plan is in compliance with the provisions of the Downtown BE zoning district.  The review occurs in a public meeting setting, not as a public hearing, however it is anticipated they will accept public comment.

If you are unable to attend the Planning Commission meeting and would like more project information, please feel free to either stop by our office and take a look at our project boards, or give me a call @ 970-744.4796.

Hope to see you there!


SHOP Downtown

November 23rd, 2016 by Jennifer Poplaski

Downtown Loveland is becoming a destination in Northern Colorado for shopping, dining, and brewery hopping! With more to offer than ever before, you can spend an afternoon strolling through locally owned retail stores. The next time you want to enjoy a day out & about, stop by Downtown
Loveland! Your shopping experience awaits you! Click the link and learn about the great shopping opportunities in Downtown Loveland... shopdowntownloveland

Loveland Artist Lyse Dzija's Loveland Art Tour Studio sponsored by LDP|DDA

October 3rd, 2016 by Jacque Wedding-Scott
Smith Rock Quartet by Lyse Dzija

Smith Rock Quartet by Lyse Dzija

The LDP|DDA downtown office looks marvelous with these 4 colorful pieces by Lyse Dzija. We are happy to be a Studio Sponsor for her for the upcoming Loveland Art Studio Tour (LAST). We enjoy seeing these canyon-inspired paintings every day.

Lyse Dzija spends time in the wilderness.
Of these experiences she says,

“... I realize its subtle effects on feelings which evolve with every visit, place and season. I am captured by the paradox of strength and delicacy, and opposition of color found in every ordinary event. Nature dictates my style, mood, medium, and composition, and my paintings reflect this diversity.

We hope you'll stop by to speak with Lyse and see her work!

Loveland Art Studio Tour
October 8 – 9  &  October 15 – 16, 10am – 4pm

Works of art will also be for sale

Smith Rock Quartet by Lyse Dzija

Smith Rock Quartet by Lyse Dzija

Special thanks to Loveland's Artists and also Billie J. Colson (painter) and Carolyn Pearce (potter), Studio Tour Managers

Great location enables LDP|DDA to be a LAST Studio Sponsor

September 23rd, 2016 by Jacque Wedding-Scott

One of the great things the LDP|DDA having office space downtown, is being able to be a Studio Sponsor for an artist on the Loveland Art Studio Tour. We are excited about giving the public direct and easy access to Lyse Dzija and her work.

We love the way her spectacular “Black Lake Meditation” feels in our office space. We will be thrilled to have people stop by to meet Lyse and see her paintings up close. She will have multiple pieces on display here in our office during the Loveland Art Studio Tour.

“Black Lake Meditation” by Lyse Dzija

“Black Lake Meditation” by Lyse Dzija

Of her own work, Lyse Dzija says, “No landscape is ever empty, even the most desolate.”

She mentions on her website about landscape paintings being subject to a wide range of interpretations, especially those that simply present the subject without attaching a popular interpretation. Lyse says when she talks to people about her work, she finds they often read a great deal of meaning into her landscapes. Sometimes these meanings are beyond or even in direct opposition to her own opinions or feelings about any particular piece.

Loveland Art Studio Tour
October 8 – 9  &  October 15 – 16, 10am – 4pm
Works of art will also be for sale

Special thanks to Loveland's Artists and also Billie J. Colson (painter) and Carolyn Pearce (potter), Studio Tour Managers.

LDP|DDA & City - Downtown Maintenance Projects

September 2nd, 2016 by Jacque Wedding-Scott

The LDP|DDA and the City are partnering on downtown maintenance projects:

  • clearing debris from under and around trash cans
  • relining and painting trash cans
  • marked and sanded sidewalk trip hazards on sidewalks in the core area
  • 4th Street is being cleaned gutter-to-gutter

The City of Loveland's crews have a full slate all the time, especially so during summer, endeavoring to keep ahead of winter weather and make necessary repairs and complete projects before it hits. Tourism, events and festivals add to their work load..

Even modest improvements make visitors feel welcome and safe. I have confidence this sort of 'good downtown hygiene' will make a difference. It is part of the Downtown District's ongoing effort to enhance our downtown's appeal.

City departments will be working with the Downtown District to confirm needs and prioritize upcoming work plans.


The Downtown District's mission is “ ... To create a vibrant Downtown that provides a safe, dynamic environment to gather, live, educate, shop, work and play.”

With an office located downtown, the Downtown District brings the separate entities of the Loveland Downtown Partnership and the Downtown Development Authority into a cohesive, dynamic and easily accessible collaboration. The Downtown District focuses on bringing to fruition the establishment and ongoing support of an economically vibrant residential and business community in Loveland's downtown.



Disruptive Behaviors

July 5th, 2016 by Jacque Wedding-Scott

DisruptiveBehaviors-SpeechBubbleThe presentation at the June Business Breakfast, an invitation-only monthly event sponsored by the Loveland Downtown Partnership (LDP), focused on disruptive behaviors. Speaker Jake Adler (City of Loveland) proposed, "Frame the conversation as 'disruptive behaviors' instead of 'problems with the homeless' around your peers and your staff."

Business owners joined in an animated discussion with Loveland's new chief of police Bob Ticer regarding the issues Jake Adler presented. This was the third in a series of discussions at these monthly business breakfasts.

Collaborative efforts to understand the scope and magnitude of disruptive behaviors downtown brought many concepts to the forefront.

Resources for business owners are posted on the website here under "LDP Resources for Business Owners."


Night on the Town TONIGHT!

May 13th, 2016 by Jacque Wedding-Scott

Downtown District, Loveland Colorado, Loveland Downtown Partnership, Loveland Downtown PartnershipJoin downtown businesses for tonight's festivities, including the Lincoln Gallery's reception Salon des  Rufuses (that's French for 'Art you won't see at the Governor's Art Show').

Galleries and shops are open, many offer refreshments, some have live music, all of them have plenty of FUN in store!


Also participating in the Salon des Refuses are:

See you downtown tonight!




April 29th, 2016 by Jacque Wedding-Scott

LOGO-Downtown District, Loveland ColoradoHere at the Loveland Downtown Partnership and Downtown Development Authority (we go by “LDP | DDA” for short) we are excited about unveiling our brand and website at the “Branding the Downtown” Business Breakfast on Friday, April 29th.

It has been a nine-month process of meetings, gathering input, working with businesses and volunteers, all to create a deeper sense of community and advocacy for our downtown.

We have a jamb-packed summer coming up with events downtown that are always favorites and draw people into our city, strengthening our economy and reputation as a great place to LIVE, WORK and PLAY.

  1. Plein Air Governor's Art Show (May 7th)
  2. Night on the Town (May 12th and every 2nd Friday throughout the year)
  3. Tour de Pants (May 7th), Loveland StartupWeek (May 19th, 20th & 21st)
  4. Loveland Loves BBQ, Bands & Brews (July 15th & 16th)
  5. Old-Fashion Corn Roast Festival (August 19th & 20th)

Graphic Designer Lori Evans and Jacque Wedding-Scott discuss logo and website designs.

We will make sure we keep you up to date on renovation and revitalizations projects, new businesses opening in downtown and businesses relocating to “The District,” so be sure to come back here and see what’s happening.


Happening right now:
Mo 'Betta Gumbo, the restaurant that brought Cajun & Creole cuisine to Loveland, is expanding into the space directly west of their current location at northwest corner of 4th & Cleveland.

A new, up and coming business, Dark Heart Coffee Bar, is on the cusp of locating downtown.

More to come, so stay tuned …

I am proud to be working with our dynamic boards as advocates for the Downtown District, downtown businesses and residents. Loveland is THE place to be.

Jacque Wedding-Scott
Executive Director
350 North Cleveland Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537
Direct 970.744.4796