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Your Guide to the Business Alliance

July 20th, 2017 by Downtown District

The Loveland Downtown Partnership and Downtown Loveland Association have merged their efforts, forming the LDP Business Alliance, a business advocacy and advisory group under the Loveland Downtown Partnership. This effort strives to eliminate duplicate efforts, enable better service to the diverse business constituencies within Loveland’s downtown and join organizations with very similar visions and missions to enhance the success of businesses and residents in the Downtown District with one-stop convenience.

The Business Alliance is made up of Downtown Loveland business owners who play an active role in the continued development of the Downtown District, sharing their needs and vision for the area, and are willing to invest their support in making Downtown Loveland a destination to live, work and play.

Focused on collaborative marketing, members of the Business Alliance are able to enjoy certain benefits that vary by level. Each of these benefits is designed to give local businesses, and the area as a whole, greater visibility and accessibility to residents and visitors. All members have the ability to submit their news and events to the Loveland Downtown Partnership page for increased viewership. Benefits include:

  • Online directory listing
  • Membership decal
  • Downtown advocacy
  • Opportunities for collaborative advertising and marketing
  • Business listing in downtown guide
  • Networking spotlight opportunities
  • Website recognition
  • 1-time use of membership email list (with a reach of 250+)
  • Discount sponsorship opportunities
  • Social media shout out (7,600+ likes on Facebook)

Alliance members are encouraged to support activities and events that draw people downtown to shop, dine and stroll as well as showcase Loveland’s vibrant community. In addition to more traditional event sponsorships, members can now sponsor “local color” – chalk art, flower pots and more that make downtown Loveland unique.

“It’s exciting how invigorated our downtown is becoming. It is a great place, on the cusp of becoming a big deal!”
- Sara Turner, Owner of Studio Vino and Business Alliance leadership team member

OPEN HOUSE - Loveland Development Services Department

March 9th, 2017 by Jacque Wedding-Scott

Loveland Development Services Department 
New Standards for Unified Development Code

Loveland Development Services Department, Loveland Colorado
March 13, 2017
Where: City Council Chambers,
500 E. 3rd Street, 5:30 pm

Come to the Open House to hear more about new
development standards proposed for the
Loveland community

Why should I attend?

  •  The new standards will change development opportunities and patterns along Loveland’s highway corridors.
    • Allow buildings to be located at the front property line
    • Allow a maximum building height of 90 feet
    • Apply “sloping building height plane” to ensure compatibility with adjacent residential neighborhoods
    • Require enhance landscaping and pedestrian improvements along the highway frontage
  • A “Housing Palette” will allow a greater mix of housing types in new mixed-use zoning districts and existing neighborhoods.
    • Establish standards for new housing types, including single-family urban alley loaded, lot-line homes, over-under duplexes, infill multi-family, Downtown multi-family, cluster homes, manufacture homes and tiny homes
    • Establish new limitations on building coverage and building height to ensure that the scale and mass of infill development reflects that found in existing neighborhoods

The Loveland Planning Commission will consider these new development standards at a Study Session immediately following the Open House. The Study Session will be in the City Council Chambers starting at 6:30 pm.

You are encouraged to stay and attend
the Planning Commission Study Session

Night on the Town TONIGHT!

May 13th, 2016 by Jacque Wedding-Scott

Downtown District, Loveland Colorado, Loveland Downtown Partnership, Loveland Downtown PartnershipJoin downtown businesses for tonight's festivities, including the Lincoln Gallery's reception Salon des  Rufuses (that's French for 'Art you won't see at the Governor's Art Show').

Galleries and shops are open, many offer refreshments, some have live music, all of them have plenty of FUN in store!


Also participating in the Salon des Refuses are:

See you downtown tonight!




April 29th, 2016 by Jacque Wedding-Scott

LOGO-Downtown District, Loveland ColoradoHere at the Loveland Downtown Partnership and Downtown Development Authority (we go by “LDP | DDA” for short) we are excited about unveiling our brand and website at the “Branding the Downtown” Business Breakfast on Friday, April 29th.

It has been a nine-month process of meetings, gathering input, working with businesses and volunteers, all to create a deeper sense of community and advocacy for our downtown.

We have a jamb-packed summer coming up with events downtown that are always favorites and draw people into our city, strengthening our economy and reputation as a great place to LIVE, WORK and PLAY.

  1. Plein Air Governor's Art Show (May 7th)
  2. Night on the Town (May 12th and every 2nd Friday throughout the year)
  3. Tour de Pants (May 7th), Loveland StartupWeek (May 19th, 20th & 21st)
  4. Loveland Loves BBQ, Bands & Brews (July 15th & 16th)
  5. Old-Fashion Corn Roast Festival (August 19th & 20th)

Graphic Designer Lori Evans and Jacque Wedding-Scott discuss logo and website designs.

We will make sure we keep you up to date on renovation and revitalizations projects, new businesses opening in downtown and businesses relocating to “The District,” so be sure to come back here and see what’s happening.


Happening right now:
Mo 'Betta Gumbo, the restaurant that brought Cajun & Creole cuisine to Loveland, is expanding into the space directly west of their current location at northwest corner of 4th & Cleveland.

A new, up and coming business, Dark Heart Coffee Bar, is on the cusp of locating downtown.

More to come, so stay tuned …

I am proud to be working with our dynamic boards as advocates for the Downtown District, downtown businesses and residents. Loveland is THE place to be.

Jacque Wedding-Scott
Executive Director
350 North Cleveland Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537
Direct 970.744.4796