HIP Streets Plan sees modernization through collaborative approach

In 2009, the original Heart Improvement Project (HIP) Streets Master Plan was adopted. Focused on the historic core, the “heart” of downtown Loveland, this plan looked to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing downtown environment.

Momentum has been building to improve existing downtown infrastructure, much of which has been in place, unchanged, for decades. Improvements to this infrastructure (parking, lighting, electrical, signage) will attract and support new businesses in downtown Loveland, in addition to benefitting current businesses, residents and visitors.

Since March, information has been gathered from committees; a technical internal staff team, downtown business owner’s stakeholders and the general public. This is in addition to three public open houses, monthly updates provided through the Development Services newsletters, information provided at community events and an online survey all designed to get key stakeholders involved in the modernization process.

We interviewed Project Manager David Eisenbraun to learn more about the plan modernization and what it means for us here in the Downtown District.

What are the most notable improvements or changes to the plan since its creation in 2009?
This update shall incorporate projects completed to date and projects pending. With the collaborative approach, we are working closely with the Brinkman Team on the Foundry as a first catalyst to the overall HIP Streets Modernization. With the installation of compatible designs and materials, the community at large will see how the design provides new opportunities. The Modernization, however, is keeping some key distinctive elements for the remainder of the downtown area as to not mirror the Foundry, but merely work together as a complementary whole.

How will this plan be implemented? How will this implementation change the way people enjoy downtown Loveland?
Funding has been set aside for 2018 to work on infrastructure assessments in Downtown. Understanding what lies beneath is the next big step forward. We also plan to collaborate with any new developments/redevelopments happening downtown. The idea will be to renovate one block at a time, or more as funding is available. This will create the least disruption for the shortest amount of time to owners and visitors alike.

What else should we know about the HIP Streets plan?
This update is prioritized to understand how we build out this vision with many new projects and redevelopment coming into the Downtown District. Our goal is to integrate the whole district in a unified and cost-effective manner. The plan focuses on public right-of-way improvements only and covers 19 blocks throughout the downtown core. Primary components include the design of streets taking all users into account, sidewalks lined with a variety of interesting features and activities, and promoting safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. Furthermore, the plan strives to ensure it provides public spaces that accommodate a variety of uses and users, promote social interaction and a sense of community, and include memorable architectural, landscape and hardscape elements.

To learn more about the HIP Streets Modernization or view the original plan, visit the City of Loveland website.

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