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Disruptive Behaviors

July 5th, 2016 by Jacque Wedding-Scott

DisruptiveBehaviors-SpeechBubbleThe presentation at the June Business Breakfast, an invitation-only monthly event sponsored by the Loveland Downtown Partnership (LDP), focused on disruptive behaviors. Speaker Jake Adler (City of Loveland) proposed, "Frame the conversation as 'disruptive behaviors' instead of 'problems with the homeless' around your peers and your staff."

Business owners joined in an animated discussion with Loveland's new chief of police Bob Ticer regarding the issues Jake Adler presented. This was the third in a series of discussions at these monthly business breakfasts.

Collaborative efforts to understand the scope and magnitude of disruptive behaviors downtown brought many concepts to the forefront.

Resources for business owners are posted on the website here under "LDP Resources for Business Owners."