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The Savvy Sparkplug Life Skills and Manners Classroom Comes to Downtown Loveland

By Savvy Sparkplug

The Savvy Sparkplug Life Skills and Manners Classroom Comes to Downtown Loveland

Loveland, CO --- “Teaching Bygone Era Basics to the Next Generation of Urban Domestic Rebels”. The Savvy Sparkplug is here to teach basic life skills classes in Northern Colorado in a fun and funky way to kids and young adults. "Bygone Era Basics" means exactly that: basic manners and skills that your mom and grandma taught you, that your dad and grandpa showed you how to do. In a brick and mortar classroom set up to look and feel like home, we take kids for a few hours, go back in time to when having these life skills was commonplace. We’ll introduce the skills that lead to a positive and self-reliant focus.


Colorado Department of Education licensed teacher Hayley Corio leads the classes as a fearless enthusiast of aprons, old cars and moxie. A mix of rebel and mom, teacher and friend, and she’s here to bring out the renegade independent spirit in kids; putting a spin on mundane tasks and chores to demonstrate that they are capable and can totally do this stuff. Children having self-confidence in taking care of themselves and their space BEFORE they leave home is HUGE and it starts at The Savvy Sparkplug. By teaching a customized curriculum in a non-classroom setting, we think that kids will absorb and retain these skills and have a great time doing it.


Young adults can also benefit from The Savvy Sparkplug’s “I Got This” series of classes focused more on tasks and skills that they’ll need to have to survive in the workplace and world on their own. Classes like “I Got This: Ironing. For Real.”, “I Got This: I Live Here”, and “I Got This: Correspondence Stuff” reviews life skills that may have been forgotten or that they never learned in a one hour evening class that includes an adult beverage.


The Savvy Sparkplug is proudly located right in the heart of the action Downtown Loveland at 411 N. Lincoln in the Stroh Building and is hosting a launch party during the Night Out event on Friday, January 12th from 5-9pm. Classes vary in price, age and content and can be found online at www.TheSavvySparkplug.com.

 Night on the Town

Friday, Aug 10, 2018 5 pm-9 pm

Night on the Town is Downtown Loveland’s “night out” with many art galleries and businesses offering a ready welcome from 5 pm to 9 pm. There's plenty of fine and casual dining, craft beer tasting rooms and retail shops to enjoy. You’ll find snacks, live music and sales in multiple locations, all part of an inviting atmosphere and hearty welcome from downtown businesses. It’s an opportunity to spend an evening with friends in our downtown.

During our "Summer Version" there are street performers, live musicians, something on every corner. 



“People of Loveland”

Meet Jenny

“Who gets to hang out with awesome election judges, document lovely Lovelanders driving through to drop their ballots off and exercise their voting rights, seeing many new faces and some of my favorite people as well? I do!

I'm the lucky one that gets to document all of the amazing things that people do in this community everyday for the Loveland Reporter-Herald through my lens. I can tell you from experience that Loveland is truly filled with love.

Am I a celebrity? 

You're right about the rest though.

It's truly a gift to be able to embed myself into people's lives. In their best moments or their worst, I'm there. Sometimes they love me for it and sometimes they're not very happy to see me. If they knew me, they would realize I'm shooting with my heart and I feel their joy and their pain. My mission is to make my own little positive difference in people's lives. Whether that's filling readers hearts with joy when they see a joyful photo or causing someone to want to make a difference because they see others doing the same, or evoking empathy and love from a photo of a tragedy- I hope to make a difference, even if just for a moment.

For more of Jenny's Story- follow us on facebook


There is a beautiful new mural evolving in Downtown Loveland! 

Stop by to watch her come to live at The Gressiwick!

Have you noticed the sculptures in Downtown Loveland seem to change each year? They are part of a TAAP Program through the City of Loveland! 


TAAP sculptures are on the move as we make way for three new sculptures in downtown.

"Big Vision, Small Steps" by Charlotte Zink, "Convergence" by Steve Shachtman and "Love/Fear" by Joe Norman will be installed next Friday! "Broken Violin" by Jack Kreutzer; "Ovilepod" by Ted Schaal and "Hard Rock" by Pati Stajcar will remain on display for another year. Thank you to all of our TAAP artists -- past and future!


Patina Flats at The Foundry is now open and taking tours!

Living spaces at Patina Flats at The Foundry are thoughtfully designed with comfort and convenience in mind, and are stylishly appointed with the kind of premium materials and finishes you won’t find in any other apartments for rent in Loveland. Our Lincoln building is set to open in August 2018, and the Cleveland building is set to open in October 2018!

Our community amenities feature a 24-hour fully equipped fitness center, an executive lounge with a pool table and rooftop patio, a lobby and lounge space, and much more! Patina Flats will also have an on-site hotel and movie theatre, a central plaza for entertainment, and first floor restaurants and retail!   

The apartments offer open and modern floorplans with high-end finishes that make Patina Flats at The Foundry the most desirable new apartments in Loveland, Colorado. Studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom urban living units fill the upper floors while retail, restaurants, and creative offices fill the first floor to give residents the convenience of urban living right in the heart of the Sweetheart City!

Stop by our office located at 320 N. Cleveland Avenue; contact us at 970-672-1013 or email us here to set up a tour today! We look forward to speaking with you!


350 N Cleveland Ave Loveland, Colorado 80537   |   970.541.4333

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